The Reaper Series is a non-traditional camo series featuring patterns that utilize; animal skulls, human skulls, zombies and skeletons.  There are 7 patterns in the series; Reaper Black, Reaper Woods, Reaper Buck,

Reaper Hog, Reaper Z, Reaper H2O and Reaper H2O XL.

Proveil Pure

The Pure Series features traditional hunting camo- including  a long range depth waterfowl print called Deepfield and a woodland foliage, branch, and leaf long range depth pattern called PV-X Peak. They both have the detail and depth that makes all the difference when in the field.

Proveil +Prime

The Proveil +Prime series currently features called Digital Ghillie: a jute/grass camo-Used as a base for the ghillie suits that snipers have used as concealment for years.

Second is a highly detailed, patriotic American flag pattern called Victory- which features the actual hand written script from the 2nd amendment.

Stay tuned for new additions to this category!