Our Partners

Proveil Camoflauge began with a man and a vision.  8 years ago, Founder Travis Fortner, was working as a designer at an ad agency mainly dealing with outdoor themed projects.  He saw an opportunity to use his design skills to give the outdoor sporting market a new approach and look to camouflage. He began by re-vamping the traditional camouflage look by focusing on details such as depth, focal planes, shadowing, coloring, dimension, variance and layout.  Not satisfied with the results that traditional photography provided, Travis created his own method of achieving depth, detail, and realism.  He also paid particular attention to the optical effectiveness of his designs and patterns, and by giving the designs true depth accurate lighting and dimension he is able to create hyper realistic images that hold more detail and depth than any other pattern available. Travis then focused on the idea of customization— What if Proveil offered non-traditional patterns?  He began with the idea of skulls and started building his Reaper Series library. The rest is history....
Reaper Black
was the first, and it is still currently one of the best selling designs.
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Proveil works with some of the outdoor sports industy's leading companies.  From gun manufacturers to bow fishing to soft goods and hunting components, we cover the most versatile parts of the market. Our partners not only include the big name companies but we also work with independent hydro dipping and vinyl wrap companies who do custom work with our patterns to make your wildest customized dreams come true.  To see a list of our independent hydro dipping and vinyl partners please visit our Hydro Dipping Directory Page.