Who is Proveil?

 Leading the market with cutting edge designs, Proveil has taken the outdoor sports industry by storm. The founder, Travis Fortner, had a vision that camouflage was just more than sticks and leaves; in believing so he has developed specialized design methods and uses cutting edge technology to ensure the most realistic and effective camo. Proveil developed Ecologix and High Definition Z-depth; Ecologix is a library of digitalized 3D plants, and HDZ creates an infinite depth that goes beyond the traditional foreground, mid-ground and background method of creating patterns.  Proveil believes that details are key in design so they developed Dynamic Depth of Field which gives unprecedented control over the focal planes in a pattern. They also use IREZ Infinite Resolution to give the patterns a higher resolution and larger swatch size than traditional photography.  With all of these technologies combined, Proveil offers you the best and most effective blend and breakup designs in the industry.  Proveil’s designs go beyond functionality, they not only work with you when you’re out in the sticks tracking that monster buck, they also make a statement that hunting is not just a hobby, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

How it works

Proveil has a rigorous design development process that combines extensive training, experience, knowledge, creative design and artistic expression.  Proveil then develops their patterns to meet the specifications of various medias and uses in the outdoor sports industry. Finally they license their patterns and designs to various companies like; Mossberg, Winchester, Weatherby, PSE Archery, and many more.

Hydro Dipping

A technique that is very popular with Proveil Designs is custom hydro-dipping.  Customers choose a Proveil pattern and a Hydro Dipping service.  The Hydro Dippers then transfer the patterns on the chosen components using a process called water-transfer printing.  Learn more about the hydro-dipping process (here).  Popular dipped items are; guns, bows, hard hats, motorcycle parts, game controllers, gun cases, ATV parts, animal skulls and really.... just about anything you can imagine.  Take a look at the Proveil Facebook Page to see how others have customized their gear. 

Other Gear

Proveil is starting to enter into soft goods such as fabrics for products like tackle bags, gun cases, clothing and other cases and bags, some of their Reaper Series®

designs, stay updated by following us on Facebook and reading our tri-monthly blogs for news about new releases.  

Matt Hughes-UFC Hall Of Famer Wears Proveil In His Final Victory....

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